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How does this Robi Capsule work? And what type do I need?

Everything you need to know about our Robi Capsules and how they work, which taste you should choose and more

Does Robi make unsafe or undrinkable water safe and drinkable?

No!. Robi should always be connected to a pipe with water that meets all legal requirements for drinking water. The Robi Capsule removes unwanted odours and tastes, and reduces the chlorine content of water, but is in no way intended to make water th

What does the Robi Capsule actually do?

The three types of Robi Capsules (Soft - Original - Plus) contain a filter section with activated carbon. This activated carbon filtration:. Removes unwanted odours and tastes. Reduces chlorine content. Reduces the content of organic compounds. Reduc

Why are there three types of Robi Capsules?

One water is not like another. The presence and mix of minerals present in drinking water help determine the taste of the water (Calcium and Magnesium in particular play a role here). This is why different brands of bottled water taste different. Som

What do I do with my used Robi Capsule after 6 months?

You can hand in used Robi Capsules at any BioPlanet shop. The Robi Capsules are thus collected for recycling. A list of all BioPlanet shops can be found here. Info on recycling by the producer (BWT) of the Robi Capsules:.

Why do I need to replace my Robi Capsule after 6 months?

The Robi Capsule removes certain components from the water, or adds components (in the case of the Plus Capsule). After 6 months, the filtering capacity of the Robi Capsule is reached, and its safe operation can no longer be guaranteed. Robi therefor

Proper use of the Robi Capsule

For the Robi Capsule to work perfectly, it is very important that:. 1. It is screwed in properly - you should not be able to see the screw thread!. 2. The TAG (white-coloured label) is intact on the Robi Capsule - you must NEVER remove it!. 3. When u

How does the Soft Capsule actually work?

The Soft Capsule consists of two parts, each with a separate function:. * An activated carbon filter that filters out unwanted odours and tastes, chlorine, organic compounds and certain heavy metals in certain quantities from the water. * An ion exch

Which Robi Capsule should I choose if I have a water softener at home?

Which Robi Capsule should I choose if I have a water softener at home?. A water softener already removes a lot of limescale from your water, so if you have a softener, we recommend using an Original or Plus Capsule. It is important, however, that the

What is the exact composition of Robi water?

Robi modifies the flavour of your tap water by filtering out or adding certain ingredients (you can read what the different types of capsules do here). The exact composition of the filtered water therefore depends on the original composition of your

What is the origin of the active carbon in Robi Capsules?

The activated carbon in the Robi Capsules is made from coconut husks. This is how activated carbon is made:. Activated carbon, also known as activated carbon, can be made from several sources that are high in carbon. Coconut husks are one such source

What does the ion exchanger in the Soft and Plus Capsules consist of?

The ion exchanger is a food-grade certified German-made ion exchange resin.

How long does such a Robi Capsule last?

With Robi in your home, you can now control the taste of your tap water. You simply turn your favourite Robi Capsule in the Robi Box and with one push on the Robi Button you conjure up the most delicious water, straight from your own tap. So Robi is

Details concerning the filtration

Robi filters are produced by the Austrian company BWT ( This company manufactures these filters to the highest standards and holds all the necessary certificates. All our Robi filters use