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What does the Robi Capsule actually do?Updated 3 months ago

The three types of Robi Capsules (Soft - Original - Plus) contain a filter section with activated carbon. This activated carbon filtration:

Removes unwanted odours and tastes

Reduces chlorine content

Reduces the content of organic compounds

Reduces the content of certain heavy metals

In addition, the Soft Capsule also filters out all limescale and other flavour disruptors, ensuring wonderfully soft water. If you like Spa, the Soft Capsule is the best choice.

The Plus Capsule does the same and adds extra magnesium. A rich flavour that is also good for your muscles, bones and teeth. If you like Contrex or Hépar, the Plus Capsule is the best choice.

With the Original Capsule, you remove flavour disruptors and get extremely pure water. If you like Chaudfontaine, Evian or Vittel, the Original Capsule is the best choice.

The filter in the Robi Capsule is a good and safe tool to improve the taste of your drinking water. Each filter has a certain maximum capacity (in litres), a maximum duration of use (6 months). It is important not to exceed this maximum capacity and maximum duration of use. The reason: if these maximums are exceeded, the proper functioning of the filter cannot be guaranteed, and there is a risk of bacterial formation in the filter.

This is why at Robi we make sure that you cannot exceed the maximum capacity and maximum usage time of your Robi Capsule: the smart Robi Box knows when a new Robi Capsule has been installed, and knows how many litres have already been tapped. When either limit is reached, Robi Capsule use is automatically cut off. This way, using Robi is always safe, even if you forget to replace your Robi Capsule in time.

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