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Installing Robi

Everything you need to know to install Robi easily

Does Robi make unsafe or undrinkable water safe and drinkable?

No!. Robi should always be connected to a pipe with water that meets all legal requirements for drinking water. The Robi Capsule removes unwanted odours and tastes, and reduces the chlorine content of water, but is in no way intended to make water th

I have a water softener at home, can I use Robi?

A water softener in your home is not in itself an obstacle to using Robi. It is important, however, that the softener meets all requirements for drinking water and is maintained according to the applicable technical regulations. In addition, it is re

Why do you only supply 1 adapter with it?

All standard rechargeable electrical devices now fortunately all have the same connection: The USB-C. Because we want to avoid unnecessary costs and unnecessary cables and adapters, we have put just 1 adapter in the package. The idea: connect your Ro

Can I install my Robi Box horizontally?

No, the Robi Box must be clicked into the suspension bracket supplied and therefore MUST be placed vertically. This is the only way to guarantee perfect operation.

Does Robi run on batteries or electricity?

Both are possible. You do have to choose 1 of the 2. If you have a free socket under the sink, using the adapter (included) is recommended. 4 AA batteries fit in the battery compartment at the bottom of the front of the Robi Box. Once you have insert

Where do I best install the Robi Box?

Of course, we are extremely proud of our product, but the idea is to place the Robi Box vertically under the sink (in the suspension bracket provided), if possible close to a free socket and near the connection taps. We have provided a longer flexibl

Can I connect my hot water to the Robi Box?

No, our Robi Capsules are not intended to optimise hot water. If hot water is used, we can no longer guarantee water quality and any possible warranty will be voided.

I have a mixer tap. Can I use Robi then?

Yes, you certainly can. Just make sure the mixer tap is always on the coldest setting when using Robi Water.

Help! Cloudy water is coming out of my tap

You just installed your Robi, press the magic Robi Button and the water coming out of your tap is cloudy?. That's possible. This is because the first time you use (or replace) the Robi Capsule, it has to be rinsed first. You do this by opening the ta

I have a boiler. Can I install a Robi then?

Yes, you certainly can. It is best to send us a photo of the location under the sink. That way we can quickly and clearly determine how best to install it, because every situation is different. Contact [email protected]!