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Reset ProcedureUpdated 2 months ago

In some cases, it may be necessary to carry out the RESET PROCEDURE. Since the Robi Box does not have an ON/OFF Button, do this as follows:

1. Turn off the Robi Capsule

2. Disconnect the Robi Box from power (adapter off or batteries off)

3. Wait until all LED messages are OFF (at least 30 seconds)

4. Re-power the Robi Box (batteries in or adapter back in) - top LED blinks green every 10 seconds (when using batteries, first 4x red on top LED, then green)

5. Turn the Robi Capsule straight in again

6. Open the cold water tap, press the Robi Button (blue ring pulses), you will see the water pressure reduce slightly but noticeably - you have nice filtered Robi Water again!

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